Digital Citizenship

Computer screen with man getting off bus and keyboard.
Students learn to be savvy online citizens by practicing safety on the internet and learning about digital wellness.
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Computer screen with man getting off bus and keyboard.

Topics covered in Digital Citizenship

Password Strength
Social Media
Mental Health
Fake News

Digital Citizenship Units

Through engaging content and interactive learning, these units explore topics like online privacy, digital etiquette, information literacy, and cyberbullying awareness.

Tablet with a social media app open on the screen.
GRADES 5-10 | 2-4 HRS

Internet Safety

Students will master cybersecurity skills as they navigate a hypothetical social media app called Cybr.
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GRADES 4-12 | 30-90 MINS

Digital Wellness

Students learn how their identity is left and tracked online as well as how to control the digital impression they make on others.
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Notification with a warning.
GRADES 5-10 | 30-90 MINS


Teens learn all about the damaging effects of cyberbullying and what to do when it happens to them.
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Smart phone with a social media app open and dog displayed.
GRADES 6-12 | 45-90 MINS

Digital Footprint

Users experience how everyone's identity is left and tracked online while facing off with a cyber criminal.
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Warrior and child facing each other on a field of green.
GRADES 3-6 | 45-90 MINS

Digital Dragons

Students embark on a quest to protect the internet from malware, cyberbullying, and more.
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Digital Citizenship Workbook

Digital Citizenship Workbook

Order free printed workbooks that complement the Digital Citizenship course. This workbook teaches students about secure passwords, privacy practices, cyberbullying, safe websites, and more.

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Vocabulary Practice

Introduce terms your students might be familiar with but don't understand fully (what are “terms and conditions,” anyway?).

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Why Digital Citizenship Matters

Are your students using the internet safely? This course teaches skills that keep kids safe in an increasingly connected world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get Digital Citizenship?
    Don't have a Banzai account? Click here to sign up — it's free and only takes a few minutes! Once you've created your classes, you can add Digital Citizenship or any other Banzai courses.
    Have a Banzai teacher account? Select which class you want Digital Citizenship added to, click the “More” drop-down menu to the right of “+Add Students,” select “Settings,” and click Digital Citizenship—a blue checkmark should appear in front of the categories you’ve selected.
  • Is the Digital Citizenship free?
    Yes! All Banzai courses are made available to teachers and students at no cost thanks to the sponsorship of local banks and credit unions.
  • Who is the Digital Citizenship for?
    Because of the subject nature and difficulty level, Digital Citizenship is ideal for 9-15 year olds. But internet safety skills are vital for every age and the course can be used for older students as an introduction.
  • How long does Digital Citizenship take?
    All Digital Citizenship courses combined should take roughly 1-2 hours to complete. Students are also encouraged to try multiple times—each experience is slightly different each time it's completed.
  • Are all Banzai courses COPPA and FERPA compliant?
    Yes, Banzai complies fully with restrictions set by COPPA and FERPA—we don't store personal identification information such as a student's age, location, gender, or ethnicity. The limited data Banzai does collect is only used to deliver services and products or improve user experience and is never shared or distributed. Learn more by reading Banzai's Privacy Policy.

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